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Katrin's Chronicles: The Canon of Jacqueléne Dyanne - Vol. 1 (Novel) (Read an excerpt...)
13 year old, Katrin DuBois chronicles the mysterious adventures that began when she was a middle school kid of 11 and her elder sister, Jacqueléne Dyanne began to exhibit extra-ordinary powers of deduction. In the summer of 1968 on the south side of Chicago, a turbulent time before cell phones, laptops and text messages became essential elements of pre-teen life, local mysteries are solved and the girls discover that the biggest mystery is within themselves. (Available at

Katrin's Chronicles: Jacqueléne Dyanne & The Scrying Bowl – Vol. 2 (Novel)   Coming in 2014

I Believe... (Novella)
Trevor, Gabriel, Sara were among a host of spirits who discovered the grave was not the end. Who knew that even in death, there was still work to do? They discovered that all souls were beings of light, and if that light was unshed in life, they were destined to wander in death.

They could escape this transitional limbo by making a successful spirit-to-human intervention to save a living soul. They were determined to be Residents in Light before New Year's. Before Christmas, if they could manage it.
(Available at

Fun Fiction

Poor Little Frauke (Story Poem)
Stuck inside after a snowstorm, poor little Frauke was bored. But not for long…
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Apparently (Short Story)
Carol remembered that she’d had a party the night before. She remembered that she was now 50 years old. But where did the bruise on her face come from? And since when did she have hangovers? Apparently, it had been quite some 50th birthday party. (Read more...)


Avalon (Novel) (October 2014)
For Detective Lieutenant Clarissa Collins, the rain-soaked town of Avalon was her hometown. But she missed the sun of life in Los Angeles. But you can't always say no to family, so she had put in the transfer that brought her back to care for an ailing mother, and chaperone a wayward niece. What she didn't expect was to find herself caught up once again with a long-lost high school crush, Adam McKenna, owner of a mystery bookstore whose partner has just been found dead amongst a pile of first edition Agatha Christies..
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Sweet Invention (Short Story)
In the midst of the stress in planning her eldest sister's wedding, a single, never-married private school dean in her late 30's is convinced that her vivid and romantic imagination has gone around the bend and brought the fantasy man of her dreams into reality.