Praise for
"Katrin’s Chronicles:"

"I don't think I can say how much I LOOOVVE this book. It makes me happy when I'm reading it!! "

"Not since Scout (To Kill A Mockingbird) has there been such an ingenuously delightful young narrator! "

"I love it! J. Dyanne is like my older sister, she could think anything out!!"

"The work is great. Honestly, it is beautifully crafted as well as developmentally significant."

"The mystical dimension of the amazing J. Dyanne’s powers begin to be revealed…!"

"I love these young women, their adventures, their family…I want even more. Thank goodness you said…so far…"

Katrin's Chronicles: Vol. 1 Katrin's Chronicles: The Canon of Jacqueléne Dyanne Vol. 1 (Fiction)
13 year old Katrin DuBois chronicles the mysterious adventures that began when she was a middle school kid of 11 and her elder sister, Jacqueléne Dyanne began to exhibit extra-ordinary powers of deduction, which are enhanced, some say, with psychic abilities. (Read an excerpt) (Available at
I Believe... I Believe... (Fiction)
This contemporary holiday romp through a Los Angeles neighborhood tells the story of three wandering spirits hoping to transition to the light by New Year's Eve. But it will only happen if each of them can cure a human heart of their Scrooge-like tendencies to become more loving and charitable citizens of the planet. (Available at

Tempest Rising Tempest Rising (Screen Adaptation)

Screenwriter for the film adaptation of the critically acclaimed novel Tempest Rising by Diane McKinney-Whetstone, optioned by actress, producer and director, Phylicia Rashad.

Set in the mid-1960’s, two very different African-American families clash in West Philly, when a beautiful, but hard-hearted young woman, convinced she’s too mean to love, discovers otherwise when she must foster three sisters torn from their privileged, Chestnut Hill life through a family tragedy.

Road to 211 (Documentary)
Now in post-production, this documentary charts the journey of Litefoot, a Native American actor, rap artist and motivational speaker, as he travels to 211 communities throughout Indian Country, driving more than 50,000 miles, to 40 states, in one year’s time, to deliver hope, empowerment and a healing of spirit to Native youth. (View trailer...)
Medicine Prayer The Medicine of Prayer (Memoir)
Litefoot, Native American rap artist, motivational speaker and actor (The Indian in the Cupboard) is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. During his 20 years of traveling to Native communities, he carries a single message: Prayer - maintaining a connection to the Creator is the ultimate way to nurture and grow your purpose on this earth. It's the tangible intangible. (Available at: